Elemental Experience

She is once in a lifetime kind of a woman, irreplaceable.
Her mantra has always been ‘bring together the five elements of Mother Nature; integrate them to create a harmonious world’. Elemental Experience is the result of incorporating Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky together to grant an experience, a way of life that is worth living.


The earthen essence is symbolized through her elemental pathways, enchanting garden, red roof tiles and laterite walls.


The element water is symbolized through her koi pond, infinity pool, nearby streams and drizzling waterfalls.


Through her campfire, barbecue fire points and the mighty sun the element fire is so flawlessly portrayed. She loves the warmth of the burning fire since every day feels like winter in Wayanad.


The element sky is represented through her viewing deck. Her rooms are built with huge transparent glasses that grant flamboyant views of the infinite sky.


Her outstanding outdoors symbolizes the element air so impeccably. Every room is built with balconies and open spaces where one could inhale the fresh air that is abundant thanks to her majestic hills.

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