Five Days Detox


It is her unique charm. The five day detox programme is designed exclusively for you to relax and rejuvenate your inner selves. It is a complete package of healthy meal plans, meditation classes and natural walks through her elemental pathways.



Her family cottages are spacious and exude a homely feel perfect for a family vacation. She promises to indulge you in superior comfort and great hospitality. For kids, there is a kids play area to keep them engaged in games and activities.



She has a lot surprises for the newlyweds! Stroll along her elemental pathways or wade into the infinity pool together. Her classic atmosphere will take you to experience romance in comfort and style with your significant other. Intricately designed with elegant decor, her honeymoon villas sure are cozy and warm for a romantic retreat.

Business Events


She understands business. She lends a classic context to all types of business events. She has designed a state of the art conference hall where you can deliver exceptional events. She ensures that every event is meticulously organized and conducted smoothly.